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In the past few years, Moksh Dye Chem has achieved the fastest growth in productivity across the Premium Dyes Industry. Within a decade of its establishment, owing to their highly efficient productivity, effective dyes and competitive pricing, Moksh Dye Chem has established itself as a global company. In the quest to provide solutions to the diverse set of requirements of its clients, Moksh Dye Chem has provided dyes that have been successfully utilised across industries like Agriculture, Printing inks, Paper industry and Jute bag printing. Our Acid black is used in water based printing inks and in the leather industry. The ability to serve such a wide array of requirements is a testament to the excellent business practices followed by Moksh Dye chem in such a short span, since its establishment. To have a look at the entire range of dyes that they offer, their prices and their specifications, log onto their website
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